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A one stop portal for everything, from this website history to products like POPinGifts.

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OldLentorvillas Blog

Showcasing the development of this website, from the very start, a basic webpage to now.

This website is still under development to encompass everything I have designed/created, to be shared with everyone, the history page will show all the upgrades and edits that have been done to this web page and so on.

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About Me.


A personal mini blog where I showcase abit about myself :)

I started this website to showcase everything i have created/designed, the about me page will showcase new bits of information you can learn about me.


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POPinGifts store proudly created under lentorvillas.com.

These gifts are not just gifts... they are gifts that POP!

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Just look at these examples:

B1 B9 B6 B3


Still in development, follow my instagram for updates.


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