LentorV by Bryan

A website to showcase shops that we have collaborated with and some small scale projects done by LentorV.


POPinGifts Store sells gifts such as 3D Pop-up Cards and other products. A platform to allow people to purchase in-demand and unique gifts conveniently and affordably. An affiliate of LentorV.


SG Registered Company (T20LL0843D) that imports skincare products directly from their Korea distributer.
100% Original Products
Ready stock in SG

A Blank_Kid Project

A Project to showcase different characters with different emotions, with the goal of raising awareness of different emotions that people truly feel. The project is based on the term " Smiling Depression".

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LentorV by Bryan is a new redesigned website of or also known as A Special Place For information about the website purpose and timeline, you may look at our history.


This website is constantly being upgraded to add more contents and features. For past additions you at take a look at our website history. You may also contact us for new suggestions or general enquires.

Design Code

This website is designed based on a framework, re-coding and redesigning have been done to fit the needs of LentorV by Bryan. Framework as provided by HTML5 UP and re-coded for LentorV by Bryan.

Mobile View

This website is built to be responsive, meaning is mobile friendly, you may visit the webiste on you mobile phone or desktop to see the responsive website.

IT-related Projects

Project Description Type
PWA A capstone project for the course I attended on Web Application Development. Web Application
Scratch A project for my Harvard CS50 Course. Game

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- We will provide you with a webpage for your business/store/blog for free.
- The website will have a domain name[name].
- The webpage can showcase your pictures/products/blog for free.
- Great for starters to visualise their webpage or people who do not want to spend unnecessary cost to host a domain and pay for the website design.
- Your website link and details will be showcased on the main page similar to POPinGifts.

How to apply?

Email or Pm us to discuss more about your webpage.

What do LentorV gain?

The opportunity to learn more about web applications, by designing a webpage for you. Additionally, learning more about your business/store/blog.