Just a history of all the websites of LentorV and its affiliates.


LentorV by Bryan is a small project I have done to learn to design websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Learning process - Lentorvillas.com

Code from scratch with the help of w3 schools

Started coding using HTML and CSS on Komodo to create simple websites with different blocks and colours. Adding on links and buttons to create a website that is interactive and not just a plain page. This creation will turn out to be Lentorvillas.com version 1.0, simple and colourful.

Code from framework provided by w3 schools

Using the reponsive web application framework from w3 schools, I re-coded and design the website to fit my plan in mind. This creation final product would be majority of the websites, like A Special Place @Lentorvillas.com (Lentorvillas version 2.0), POPinGifts, and other pages. This website is build to be reponsive, meaning its mobile friendly. This versions of webistes have JavaScript included to allow for moving functions, such as the navigation (Menu) bar.

Code from framework provided by HTML5 UP

This framework has more fuctions and effects, first website that I seperate the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code into different scripts. This website is focused on the webiste main frame, rather than just links to different pages. This creation would be LentorV by Bryan (Lentorvillas.com version 3.0).

Links to Old Pages

NOTE: Some old pages and links might not work

Lentorvillas.com Main Page

  1. Version 0.0

  2. Version 1.0

  3. Version 2.0



Version Description Date
0.0.0 Plain website with welcome to lentorvillas.com. July 2020
1.0.0 Transition into a website with content. August 2020
2.0.0 Website which is mobile friendly with basic content.
Renamed to A Special Place @Lentorvillas.com.
August 2020
3.0.0 Website with full functions and content.
Renamed to LentorV by Bryan.
August 2020

Some screenshots of old pages

Some old links may not be available.