Showcasing all IT and non-IT related projects.

IT-related Projects

(PWA)Progressive Web Application

This web application was built as a final project for my course on Web Application Development. Its a simple application with little content, but with a lot of functions. This web application is a PWA and service worker enabled. Meaning this application is mobile friendly and can be saved on your mobile phone or desktop as a application itself. Additionally, built in with a service worker, so the app can work offline. Go ahead and look at the whole website and try looking at it again without internet connection. These functions can commonly be found on websites like Starbucks.


This short game was built as project to be submitted for Harvard CS50 Course. The program scratch is actually used to teach/introduce programming to young children. The understanding of scratch can help to transit to programming languages like C.

Non IT-related Projects


Started by my brother and I, we wanted to purchase certain products like 3D Pop-up Cards, but quickly realised that very little shops/online stores sell those items. Even if they do, it was either very expensive or very inaccessible. This project is actually a store on carousell the sells unique products such as 3D Pop-up cards and other in-demand products. Targeted at providing a platform to sell these products affordably and that are of easy to access.

A Blank_Kid Project

This project is started based on the article on Channel News Asia about Smiling Depression. Called Blank_kid was because the kid character will always have the same expression on his face, but his name will change, like Sad_kid. This simple character and name is targeted at raising awareness of people with emotions and feelings that they just keep to themselves. Sounds like nothing but these emotions can build up over time and result is depression and other harmful impact on themselves. Especially if people around them are unable to understand and help them. Understanding the issue will allow more people to be aware that this is a serious issue in today's society.